January 2nd, 1990

January 2nd, 1990

At home

I’ve been up since three this morning thereby proving that, yes, airline crew do indeed suffer from jet lag. I ate my way through the kitchen then plopped myself in the phone chair, where I spent most of the day catching up with my friends.

Pamsy was first on the list.

“We missed you at the pub on New Year’s Eve, what did you end up doing?”

I filled her in on the party and meeting Jack.

“Ooh, he sounds quite yummy.”

“He is, actually.”

“Do you think you’ll see him again?”

“I’m not sure. He has my number so we’ll see if he rings.”

“What about David?”

“Ugh, I don’t know. The distance feels like it’s too much but on the rare occasions we’ve spent time together it’s been absolutely amazing.”

“You really need to get out to LA and see what that boy is all about!”

I laughed. “That’s one way to put it.”

“I’ll keep my fingers crossed that your next roster has a trip to la la land.”

Next up, was Carl.

“Happy New Year, sis!”

“Same to you, bruv,” I laughed.
We caught up on where our trips have recently taken us and I mentioned meeting his brother in Bangkok.

“He’s not due back for another few days.”

Hopefully long enough, I thought, for him to recover from his encounter with Frankie!

I left a message on Laney’s answering machine and was surprised when she rang back a few minutes later.

“I just left you a message.”

“How funny. I literally just walked in the door two minutes ago. I haven’t even had a cup of tea yet.”

“Well you shall have to remedy that.”

She yawned. “My house is freezing. It’d be so nice to come home and have everything up and running.”

“Ah, the joys of living alone.”

“How was your New Year’s Eve?” she asked.

“It was pretty fantastic.”

She laughed. “Sounds like there was a bit of snogging.”

“No, not at all, that side of it was very tame.”


“No, I said tame, not name.”

“Yes I know what you said, I’m asking, what’s his name?”

I laughed. “Oh, sorry, eh, his name is Jack.”


“And he seemed really nice but don’t they all in the beginning?”

“When are you seeing him again?”

I sighed. “No idea.”

“You don’t sound very optimistic.”

“It’s not that, it just all gets a bit tiring sometimes, don’t you think?”

“What does?”

“The whole guys and dating thing. It’s really complicated.”

“It can be.”

“Sometimes I just can’t be bothered with it all.”

She laughed. “I think you might still be recovering from your epic Christmas trip.”

“I think you’re right. By the way, how was your New Year’s Eve?”


“Really? Where were you?”

“Los Angeles. That’s where I just flew in from.”



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