January 11th, 1990

January 11th, 1990

At home

The day began with a phone call. A very early phone call.

“Hello?” I groaned.

“Hi gorgeous.”

“Hey Jack.”

“Did I wake you?”

I yawned. “How could you tell?”

He laughed. “How are you?”


“Late night?”
“More like early morning.”

“You wild thing you.”

I laughed. “Don’t get the wrong impression, I was with my married friend who’s almost forty.”

“Does she have kids?” he asked.


“Then she’s the wild one!”

I laughed. “How are you?”



“It’s been two days since I last saw you.”

“Oh, please.”

“Too much?” He asked, with a chuckle.
“Just a tad.”

“Listen, what you up to later?”

“Later like when later?” I asked.


I sighed. “I know I’m supposed to act cool and say sorry Jack, I have plans but the truth is I’m not cool and I don’t have any plans.”

“Great, so come to London.”



“Yeah, why not?”

“Fantastic! You really will?”

“Yes but I have this tendency to quickly change my mind about things so…”

“Ok, ok, I get it, I get it.”

“Can you meet me at Euston?”

“Just say when and I’ll be there.”


I said seven and he was.


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