January 21st, 1990

January 21st, 1990

At home

So much for my lunch date with Jack. He rang first thing to say he wasn’t feeling well and had to cancel. Oh well!

Spent a quiet, enjoyable day at home with mum and dad. Mum talked to me briefly about Ben and I reassured her we’re just friends and that she doesn’t have to fret about me getting back with him. She also had what seemed like a million questions about David, including asking what he had to say in his latest letter. The one I’d totally forgotten about!

I dashed up to my room and quickly read the six-page letter he wrote from Tokyo, on his most recent business trip. His letters are always very descriptive and make me feel like I’m there enjoying the sights and sounds with him. In other words, they’re lovely and always leave me with a smile on my face. In the letter, he had lots of questions about my recent trips and finished by asking when I’m going to Los Angeles. Ah, if only I knew!

I used to get so caught up in Ben that I’d more or less ignore any male advances but now that Ben is with Mandy I need to be more open to the possibility of having a relationship. I’m very attracted to David and the time we’ve spent together to date has been quite incredible but it goes without saying that the distance is the biggest hurdle.

To complicate matters, I just spent a couple of outstanding days with a short, older (he’s 38!) French guy, who I found fascinating and definitely want to see again. We exchanged the usual; phone numbers and addresses so it’ll be interesting to see if he gets in touch like he said he will. He already invited me to Paris (he lives in Montmartre) and when I told Laney, she was adamant I shouldn’t go but when I asked why she couldn’t give me a reason.

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