January 27th, 1990

January 27th, 1990

At home

I’m still giddy from spending the evening with my favourite ex.

The minute I heard his voice on the phone this afternoon I lost my willpower and agreed to meet him. What can I say? When it’s good with us, nothing compares and when it’s bad it feels like the worst feeling ever. Tonight was, by far, the good kind and I loved every second of being with him.

Ben’s grin gets me every time and when he got into my car all I wanted to do was grab him and kiss him. I can’t even explain how he makes me feel but at times it can get overwhelming. I wonder if that level of attraction can be fully attributed to pheromones or if it’s something that goes beyond our present understanding of how two people can create such intense emotion. Whatever it is, Ben and I had it tonight, in abundance!

Another letter (I’ve yet to open it) came today, from David. And I was surprised to get a phone call from Jean Jacques, asking when I want to go to “Par e.”


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