January 29th, 1990

January 29th, 1990

Flight from LGW – JFK

Lexington Hotel, New York

Tea and toast with Meryl this morning then a quick drive to Heathrow where I met my crew before boarding the crew transport that took us to Gatwick. Flight was super easy with a total of only sixty passengers! The crew really aren’t my cup of tea and thankfully I was able to use the “I have friends here” excuse that is standard for “I don’t like any of you enough to want to spend time with you.”

Just got back from spending a lovely evening with my favourite New Yorker, Christopher. Poor thing is incapacitated as he’s recovering from knee surgery but he only just had it done so hopefully he’ll be on the mend soon. For once, I met him at his apartment and it was lovely being greeted by Michael the doorman when I walked into the building.

Christopher loved the assortment of fun British keepsakes I recently bought him in one of the touristy shops in London. I also took wine but with the heavy pain meds he’s on, that was not an option so I made him coffee instead. He has the snazziest coffeemaker that I’d buy, if I wasn’t allergic to coffee.

We talked at length about work and I wasn’t surprised to hear that throughout his recovery, he’ll be working from him. Apparently, someone from his office comes every day to drop stuff off. He’s so driven, I can absolutely see him rising to the top of his game in the tv world, which he’s expressed more than once is his desire. I dropped several hints that, with some notice, I could probably accompany him to the Video Music Awards this year. I missed it last year because the date coincided with training to get licensed to fly on the Boeing 747.

“What’s the latest in the BK saga?” he asked, just like he always does.

“In the last episode, Karen was crestfallen when she found out Ben gave another girl a ring.”

“Man, that boy is dumb”, he said in his heavy New York accent that I could listen to forever.

I sighed. “I don’t think I’ll ever be free of him.”

“Not with that mindset you won’t.”

“Ooh, that was a bit harsh.”

“Sorry, I didn’t mean for it to come out like that.”

“That’s ok.”

He smiled his sweet smile and mouthed, “Sorry.”

“You can blame it on the meds.”

“Have you thought any more about living here in the city?”

“I’d move here in a New York minute,” I said in a sing song voice “but it’s a bit far for work.”

“I’m impressed you know that song.”

“My dad’s a big Don Henley fan.”

“A man with good taste,” he laughed.

“My dad loves music, actually I love the album that song is on.”

“The End of the Innocence, I have the cd if you wanna hear it.”

“You do? Shall I pop it in?”

He cracked up laughing. “You and your expressions.”

“You and your expressions,” I said, pretending to smack him with the floor cushion I’d been sitting on.

“Can’t you use the Concorde? I mean if you lived here, couldn’t you fly the Concorde?”

“In a word, no,” I said, running my finger over the spines of his cd collection. “And it’s just Concorde, no need for the the.”

I saw him try not to smile. “So you can’t use Concorde with travel concessions?”


“What? You can’t find it?” he asked.


“The cd, you can’t find it? They’re in alphabetical order.”

“No, no, I have it right here,” I said, waving it in the air. “No, I just remembered tomorrow is my one year anniversary with British Airways, which means I’m eligible for staff travel.”

“You can stay here anytime.”

“Thank you, I really appreciate that.”

“Including tonight,” he paused. “If you don’t wanna go out in the cold.”

“I’m sure Michael will hail me a cab.”

He laughed. “You already sound like a local. And you’re not leaving yet, are you?”

“No way,” I said, watching the cd disappear into the slot. “We need to listen to this first.”

“Cool”, he smiled. “Sorry I can’t dance with you.”

“That’s ok, you can still sing.”


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