February 5th, 1990

February 5th, 1990

Girls flat, Hampton Hill

I’ve lost track of how long it’s been since I made it to bed before three am.

Feeling melancholy knowing this is the last time I’ll stay here. The lease is up and the girls are on the move, each to a different location. Surprisingly, they’re all here tonight, along with Mr. KLM, who has already shared his plans to whisk Lorna off to Holland!

It was close to ten when I arrived, after what I’d call an enlightening time in Paris. Needless to say, it didn’t take long for the slew of questions to begin.

“I think he’s too auld for you,” Lorna stated.

“A sixteen-year age gap isn’t that much.”

“Does he seem old?” Meryl asked in an innocent tone.

“What exactly are you asking miss Meryl?”

She grinned. “You know.”

“No, I do not know,” I teased. “Spell it out for me please.”

Kimberly chipped in. “She’s asking if the old codger has stamina.”

I cracked up laughing. “He’s not an old codger, he’s actually very with it and…”

“Aye, aye, aye,” Lorna interrupted. “Enough of that, we’re only interested in what happened between the sheets.”

“Is nothing sacred with you lot?”

“Well?” Lorna continued. “Is it true what they say about Frenchmen?”

I felt my cheeks redden. “I have no complaints.”

“None?” she asked, her cheeky smile evident.

“Zilch. And for your information,” I said, tartly, “Not all expressions of love occur in the bedroom.”

“Ooooohhhhh,” Lorna, Kimberly and Meryl cooed in unison, just as Mr. KLM came back into the room.

“What?” He asked, stopping in his tracks.

“Nothing, honey,” Lorna laughed. “We’re just giving missy here a hard time about her dirty weekend in Paris.”

“Lorna!” I said, feeling my cheeks flush again.

“When will you see him next?” Kimberly asked.

“Probably after my Hong Kong trip.”

“I thought you were going stateside tomorrow?”

“I am Meryl, next trip is Hong Kong, after which I’m going back to Paris.”

Ooh la la, Ecossais!


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