February 7th, 1990

February 7th, 1990

Night flight from DTW – YYZ – LHR

Presently enjoying crew rest on the Boeing 747 (the new 400 series) which is an absolute dream to work on and has the most private crew rest area that I sadly only have twenty minutes to enjoy.

The Economy cabin is totally chock-a-block so when Jeremy (one of the nicest guys I’ve ever worked with) said I could have a quick break, I popped up to First Class where, unfortunately, I found Henny in the galley.

“What are you doing up here?” she hissed.

“I’ve come to see if you can spare any choccie biscuits,” I said, eyeing the array of goodies she already had set out.

“Absolutely not!”

“Oh c’mon, Henny, it’s the middle of the night and the majority of your passengers are already asleep. Not to mention you only have five in total.”

“They may wake up demanding biscuits.”

“I highly doubt it.”

“And for your information,” she said, pointing her finger at me. “My name is Henrietta Winston-Smythe.”

I was about to retort with something cheeky, when a call bell dinged.

“You wait right here,” she demanded. “Don’t move. I want to talk to you about this Lady Caroline nonsense.”

The second Henny turned her back, I grabbed a handful of biscuits that I stuffed in the pocket of my tabard and for good measure I grabbed another and filled the other pocket as well. I darted through the curtain and managed to make it through the Club World cabin and all the way through the first section of Economy, without any passengers stopping me to ask for something. Result!

In the Economy galley, I poured myself a cup of tea and left several biscuits for the others before retreating to the rear of the aircraft. I unlocked the door to crew rest and smiled as I kicked off my shoes and gleefully arranged my sugar stash.

Henrietta Winston-Smythe might be the girl working in First Class but Lady Caroline is the one sipping tea, eating biscuits!


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