February 8th, 1990

February 8th, 1990

At home

I stopped in at staff travel this morning and was surprised at how easy it was to purchase a ticket. Can’t complain about a roundtrip ticket to Hong Kong for less than a hundred quid, of course now all we need is one spare seat, for mum. I’ve heard if you have a family member accompanying you on a trip, the Captain may authorize the use of a jump seat. Hopefully it won’t come to that, I can’t imagine the crew getting any work done with mum sitting so close to the galley!


More than half my crew were headed to T4 to catch flights home to; Glasgow, Nice, Barcelona and Paris (Bonjour Jean Jacques!) I’m usually exhausted after we land so I can’t imagine dealing with the hassle of flying home on standby, then again driving isn’t always fun either. Things to keep in mind, should I start becoming attached to Paris!


According to mum, I missed two calls from David but I did receive a lovely letter from him and a postcard. I’d like to ring him but I doubt I’ll be able to stay awake long enough to catch him when he gets home (eight hours really is a huge time difference.) I thought about ringing him from Detroit but if he’d asked what I’d been doing in the days prior (which he usually does) I doubt he’d have wanted to hear about Paris!

What’s a girl to do?


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