February 12th, 1990

February 12th, 1990

Night flight from LHR – HKG

Feeling very thankful that several people didn’t show up for this flight, which allowed mum to nab not only a seat, but one in First Class where she’s no doubt indulging in the lap of luxury. It would’ve been awful had she had to head home alone but I guess that’s the risk you take travelling on a staff travel ticket (aka standby!)

Working on the Upper Deck for the first time, configured as Club World, which is heavenly as it’s a nice size cabin and the passengers are great. It’s a busy working position with not just passengers to take care of but also the guys on the Flight Deck, who, I have to say, have been absolutely lovely. The Captain has already said mum is welcome to sit on the Flight Deck for landing. I’ve heard landing in Hong Kong can be hair-raising so that will be quite the experience.

It’s funny to think mum is way up at the front of the aircraft while I’m here in the rear, scribbling away, on crew rest. The others on crew rest wasted no time changing into sleepwear and hunkering down in the bunks but I don’t think sleep is on the cards for me, I’m far too excited!

I might pop up to First and see if mum can slip me some biscuits!


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