February 13th, 1990

February 13th, 1990

Excelsior Hotel, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong

Mum’s arrival in Hong Kong began in a state of exhilaration, when she bounded out of the cockpit, just as I was saying goodbye to the last of my lovely passengers.

“Welcome to Hong Kong, madam,” I said in my best hostie voice.

“Oh my,” mum beamed. “That was the experience of a lifetime.”

“How was the bird’s eye view?”

“I felt like I could stick my hand out and touch the washing, hanging on those balconies.”

“Wasn’t it wild? I’ve never seen anything like it, did you enjoy it?”

“It was bloody brilliant!” she boomed.

“Did you manage to keep quiet?”

“Oh aye, even if I wanted to talk I don’t think I could’ve.”

“That’s a first!”

She laughed. “That was really something, I cannae get over how they did that.”

“What? Land the plane?”

“C’mon you,” she smiled. “Let’s see what Hong Kong has in store for us.”


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