February 14th, 1990

February 14th, 1990

Excelsior Hotel, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong

Happy Valentine’s Day from Hong Kong, where love is most assuredly in the air.

Hong Kong is buzzy in the sense New York is; deafening, the streets teeming with people, excessive congestion and general chaos, all of which was wrapped in the most exquisite floral bouquets we witnessed everywhere we went today.

Mum and I were absolutely ravenous when we woke at five so I ordered all sorts on room service and while I was setting everything up by the window (no balcony here!) mum moseyed around the room waving the two red roses that came with breakfast, singing, “My Funny Valentine.”

On the subway, we sat across from a nervous looking young man, carrying the biggest bouquet ever. I could see mum was chomping at the bit to talk to him and find out who the flowers were for but his stop came before ours so we never did find out.

It’s amazing when you get to experience something you’ve only ever seen on film, like for instance, the Star Ferry, which we took to Kowloon. The views as we travelled across Victoria Harbour were nothing less than spectacular as the buildings rose above what I’ll call mist (which sounds better than smog!)

On Kowloon, mum shrieked when an elderly Chinese woman grabbed an escapee chicken and promptly chopped off its head! We didn’t hang around to see if the obedient chickens were about to come to the same ending.

Mum treated me to valentine’s day lunch after we took the magical journey on the peak tram to overlook all of Hong Kong. I didn’t mind the ride up but going down felt pretty scary and I was happy when we reached the ground.

The plan is to now take a quick nap before we meet up with the crew at seven pm.


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