February 15th, 1990

February 15th, 1990

Excelsior Hotel, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong

Felt very refreshed when I woke up from the “hour nap,” at seven this morning! Oops, I guess

that knock I heard on the door last night wasn’t in my dream after all. Mum couldn’t believe it when I told her we’d slept for thirteen hours.

“Are you sure?”

“Of course I’m sure,” I said, picking up my travel clock to show her what time it was.

“Uff well, we must’ve needed the sleep. We’ll make up for it today,” she said, bolting out of bed.

When I came out of the shower I found mum cocooned, in a puff of pink, enjoying a cup of tea.

“Is eh, that what you’re wearing out today mum?”

“Aye, do you like it?”

“Um, I don’t know if pink chiffon is necessarily the best choice for sightseeing.”

“It’s no chiffon,” she stated.

“Oh, ok then.”

“You’re taking far too long to get ready,” she said. “I’ll get you in the lobby.”

Our first stop was at a place filled with peril, known as The Breakfast Buffet, where danger lurked in every mouthful of deliciousness. Feeling utterly stuffed, we made our way to Ocean Park but somehow ended up at the Zoological and Botanical Gardens, which I have to say was quite delightful. We did eventually find not only Ocean Park but also Stanley Market (loved the double decker bus that took us there) where we stocked up on all things silk for a minimal price.

While we were getting ready to go out for dinner, mum said she was sad it was our last night.

“I am too but with staff travel concessions you can come again another time, or anywhere else for that matter.”

“That’s what Roy said.”

“Roy who?”

“The Captain.”

“When did you talk to him?”

“This morning. We had a lovely wee blether in the lobby while you were dilly dallying.”

“You’re on first name terms with the Captain?”

“Aye of course,” she laughed. “He’s awful nice.”

“What did you talk about?”

“This and that,” she said with a smirk.

“Like what?”

“He asked me how I’m enjoying Hong Kong and I told him I’m having the time of my life.”

“What else did he say?”

“He said I looked lovely in my pink dress.”

“Honestly mum,” I laughed. “I can’t believe you were flirting with the Captain.

“Pink to make the boys wink,” she said with a little chuckle.


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