February 19th, 1990

February 19th, 1990

At home

I was awake early so I got up and with mum’s advice still fresh in my mind, I rang David.

“Hi, it’s Karen.”

“Whoa, awesome surprise. Where are you?”

“I’m at home, why?”

“Isn’t it kinda early there?”

“Yeah it’s just after five. Needless to say, I’m totally jet lagged from Hong Kong.”

“Man, isn’t that the worst.”

“What are you doing home on a Saturday night?”

“Let’s see, I got the cool jazz station playing and I’m just kickin back. With a beer,” he laughed.

“Sounds nice,” I said, feeling a smile spread across my face.

“Work was crazy this past week, I needed some chill time.”

“Sorry to hear that. Isn’t your work always like that though?”

“I guess,” he laughed. “As is yours.”

“Not really, I mean it’s hectic while we’re onboard but after we land, either at home base or down route, that’s it.”

“Sure but you still have to keep up your license, right?”

“Uh-huh, it’s called SEP, Safety and Emergency Procedures. And it’s yearly but it’s not difficult.”

“Not for you,” he laughed.

“Well, you know,” I teased. “How was the weather in LA today?”

“Shitty, as usual.”


“Nah, it was beautiful, low seventies and sunny.”

“Sounds perfect,” I said, listening to the rain battering against the glass on the front door.

“In fact, I only came inside about an hour ago.”

“Oh. From where?” My tone of voice could’ve been interpreted as accusatory but he didn’t seem to notice.

“I spent most of the afternoon and the early evening reading on the rooftop deck. The sunsets are amazing from up there. You’d love them.”

“I’m sure I would,” I sighed wistfully.

“So, whacha got going on for the remainder of your days off?”

“Uh, eh” I stuttered, hearing mum’s words in my head; “I don’t think you need to mention it.” “You know, just this and that,” I said, hoping my words didn’t constitute telling a lie.

“When’s your next roster due?”

“It should be in the post this week. Why?”

“We need to figure out a way to get together.”

“Yes,” I said, thankful he couldn’t see my huge smirk. “Yes, we do.”

“Let me know when you get it so we can put our heads together. It’s been too long.”

“It really has.”

The other piece of advice mum gave me was to “Go to Paris,” which I’m doing tomorrow. And she mentioned something else but I don’t recall what it was.


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