March 8th, 1990

March 8th, 1990

Flight from LHR – JFK

The Lexington Hotel, New York

So much for my commentary on what a breeze the flying lifestyle is! Today’s flight was not only delayed (three plus hours) but jam packed with passengers who clearly got together, prior to boarding and made a pact to act as demanding and obnoxious as possible. I’m sure they’ll all sleep well tonight knowing they accomplished their mission!

Consequently, I felt knackered when we finally arrived and didn’t feel much in the mood for socializing but after such an awful day I didn’t relish the thought of being alone in my room so I agreed to meet up with the crew at the hotel bar.

I was a little dismayed to find only four of us made the effort to meet but from some of the exhausted looking expressions on the crew bus (especially those of the more senior crew) it was understandable.

After a couple of drinks, I suggested we go to the Nell’s so the four of us piled into a cab and headed downtown, to 14th Street. As usual, there was a huge line to get in but fortunately Christopher’s friend Jessica was on the door and remembered me.

“Hey, Karen,” she smiled, kissing my cheek. “Welcome back! When’d you guys get here?”

“A few hours ago,” I laughed.

“That’s crazy,” she cooed, with a toss of her amazing hair. “How long you in town?”

“Just for tonight.”

“Then come on in”, she urged, unclicking the rope to allow us access.

“Thank you so much, Jessica.”

“Sure honey, anytime. Tell Christopher to come see me.”

“I will, definitely.”


I think that was about six or seven hours ago, which means I’ve been awake for in excess of twenty-four hours, not that I’m not complaining. Nell’s is one of my favourite places in the city and needless to say, the others (all first timers) absolutely loved it and raved about it all the way back in the taxi.

I should probably go to bed but it’s only eleven pm in Los Angeles so I might ring David.


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