March 10th, 1990

March 10th, 1990

At Daniel’s, Manchester
I got home at lunchtime and of course mum wanted to know if the Statue of Liberty and the Empire State were still standing, so over tea, toast and several biscuits, I reassured her they were!

Tonight, I’d planned on going to H&M’s for dinner but that was before Daniel rang to see if I could make it to his birthday party, which I’d totally forgotten about it, hence the reason I was going out with mum and dad. I rang Carl to see if he wanted to come with me but he was on standby and therefore couldn’t leave his house.

If it was any day other than Saturday, I probably wouldn’t have come but with that in mind, I tossed a few bits of clothing in a bag and less than an hour later, I was on the train heading North!

Two hours after that, the train pulled into Manchester and I made my way to the taxi stand. Within ten minutes I was in Daniel’s living room and wasn’t surprised to find Tina here. On the training course, last year, I suspected there was a budding romance between Daniel and Tina. They immediately hit it off and were very chummy chummy. Witnessing them together tonight, it appears their relationship is now in full bloom, which is lovely because they make a great couple. Tina’s sister and several of her friends from home are here too and with all the Scottish accents it sounded more like Glasgow than Manchester.

My feet are throbbing from dancing so I guess it’s been a good night!


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