March 13th, 1990

March 13th, 1990

At home

Just spent the evening with Ben but I’ll get to that in a minute.

It was a wet, dreary day so mum and I went to see “Steel Magnolias,” which was a bit too sickly sweet for my taste but mum was very moved by it.

“You ready to leave, mum?”

“No, no yet,” she said, sniffling as the credits started rolling.

“Shirley MacLaine was brilliant, wasn’t she?”

“Oh aye, they were all great but who played Shelby?”

“I don’t know who she was but I loved her hair.”

“Wait” she said, holding up her hand, squinting at the credits. “Julia Roberts.”

“I’ve never heard of her.”

“You will. Mark my words,” she said, standing up. “That lassie is going places.”


I didn’t dare tell mum I was going out with Ben nor did I want to lie, so tonight, when she asked where I was going I said, “out with a friend,” and left it at that. Fortunately, she didn’t press me for anything else.

Ben and I went to The Barn for dinner and talked nonstop about pretty much everything. He already had the first interview with Virgin Atlantic and is waiting to hear if they want him for a second one. I’ve heard that if you reach round two with Virgin, you’re pretty much in.

Apparently, Mandy is not at all happy at the prospect of her boyfriend being surrounded by, as he said, mimicking her Northern accent, “All them gorgeous girls.” He said it with his hands on his hips and a convincing eye roll that made me laugh, though I have to say I’d be sad (and mad) if I found out my boyfriend was talking about me in such a way.

I think Ben is definitely more suited to the Virgin Atlantic image than that of British Airways (meow.) In fact, I can already see him in the uniform, surrounded by all the fake blondes with their big, ehm, hair and red plastic high heels.


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