March 29th, 1990

March 29th, 1990

At Ben’s

I had a room at the Excelsior hotel at Heathrow but we don’t fly to New York ‘til Saturday and I knew I’d be bored there so I decided to come home. Much to mum’s delight, I didn’t bother going to bed and surprisingly I still don’t feel that bad (just a little tipsy from too much wine.)

Went shopping with mum and planned on a night at home, until Ben rang. I walked over to meet him and we took a taxi to the Vault in Stony Stratford to meet up with some of our old school chums.

Henry showed up with his fiancée, Sabina, who was extremely condescending and a horror of a girl. I did not like her one bit! Of course Henry is completely besotted with her and once they’re married (if not before) I imagine Sabina will become even more of a controlling monster who’ll dominate his entire life and eventually leave him in tatters. I hope that won’t be the case but if I had a crystal ball, I’m pretty sure that’s what I’d see.

While we were at the pub, I found my gaze drifting to Ben and whenever I caught his eye, we’d smile then quickly avert our gaze. As the night wore on (read as; the more I drank!) I found myself looking more in his direction, until Sabina grabbed his arm.

“I’m tearing you away for a private chat,” she breathed in a seductive voice that made me want to throw up. Henry looked on adorningly as she yanked his best friend by the arm and dragged him to the bar.

About fourteen minutes later (yeah, ok, I timed it!) they came back to the table, with Sabina looking like the cat who got the cream.

“How much do you hate her?” Ben whispered as he took a seat beside me.

I took a huge gulp of wine. “Hate who?”

Ben let out a little chuckle. “Kidding aside,” he said, “I fear she’ll break his heart.”

“Probably more than once,” I sighed.

A short while later, Ben and I said our goodbyes to our lovely friends, all except for Sabina, who made a big fuss of kissing Ben while she completely ignored me. Fortunately, the air outside was cool enough to reduce the steam pouring out of me!

“You coming to mine?” Ben asked with his signature grin.

“Uh-huh,” I uttered as he waved down a taxi.

In the back seat of the taxi we started dissecting the evening’s events and continued to do so over tea and toast here. I rang home and was pleased mum and not dad picked up.

“I had a bit to drink and I’m spending the night at Ben’s,” I boldly stated.

“Aye, ok, see you tomorrow then.”

No argument, nothing, wow! I will probably hear it tomorrow but I’m not going to worry about that because right now I have other stuff to think about, like figuring out how to crawl through the wall to Ben’s room.


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