March 31st, 1990

March 31st, 1990
Flight from LHR – JFK
Sheraton City Squire, New York

Tonight was one of those nights you never want to end, the kind you know you’ll never, ever forget.

I was in the lobby with my crew, waiting to check in, when out of the corner of my eye, my “Gorgeous Guy” radar spotted him. It took everything I had not to run over and kiss him but being in uniform, I knew that was out of the question, so I watched as he got closer and smiled when he whispered, “Surprise,” on his way past me. I remained as cool and calm as possible and watched him sink into a plush seat in the lobby.

On my way to the elevator I quietly uttered, “Room nineteen eleven. Come up in ten minutes.”

When the doors opened onto the nineteenth floor, I ran down the corridor to my room, only to realize halfway that I was going in the wrong direction!

I was so excited I was tempted to jump on the bed but time was of the essence so I quickly tore off my jacket and thought about taking a shower but I was so nervous I couldn’t think straight. I knew I had to calm down so I stood by the window and took several deep breaths before the knock on the door jolted me back to reality.
“Bell service!”
“Shit,” I blurted, undoing my temporary sense of calm. “Just a second,” I shouted, rummaging through my bag for the obligatory dollar tip.

I dragged my suitcase into the room, closed the door and pressed my back against it.
“Calm down,” I uttered, feeling my heart race. “Just calm down.”
A minute later, another knock at the door. I peered through the peephole and watched him run his fingers through his gorgeous blond hair.

I smoothed down my blouse and skirt, took another deep breath then slowly opened the door.
“Hi David,” I smiled. “Come on in.”

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