April 3rd, 1990

April 3rd, 1990
At home

Another evening chez Florence where the rum ran out, long before we ran out of things to talk about!

Spent most of the day catching up with stuff at home and on the phone:

Laney – “Don’t tell me you bought a house in France.”
“No but that’s not to say I won’t.”
“You need to get over this whole French thing,” she said in a stroppy tone. “Just be content living in the UK.”
“Says the girl who flies around the world for a living.”

Sarah – “I had so much fun with you and Lucy the other night at the pub but do you think Lucy’s ok?”
“Why d’you ask that?”
“She gets really quiet sometimes.”
“I think that’s just her personality. I’m sure if there was something bothering her she’d tell us.”

Carl – “Big sis, it’s been a while.”
I filled him in on David’s surprise arrival in New York and his reaction was a slew of very rude comments that I shan’t repeat! Must get to see him soon. I miss my little bruv!

Pamsy – “So?”
“A needle pulling thread.”
She cracked up laughing. “I forgot all about that and how we used to sing every song. You probably still remember the words.”
“You know it!”
“Anyway, France, any news?”
“Lots but I have even better stuff to tell you about my New York trip.”

Didn’t need any coaxing from Florence when she rang and invited me over. She was chuffed with the Clinique products I purchased in Macy’s just the other day, with David. I thoroughly enjoyed spending time with him and plan on a lot more. He certainly holds my attention!

Needless to say, David was the main topic of conversation tonight.
“He sounds like good husband material,” Florence stated.
“You think so?”
“Oh yes! And he’s a Virgo.”

She cracks me up. And gets me drunk!

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