April 5th, 1990

April 5th, 1990
At home

Didn’t get much sleep last night but not because Ben and I shared a bed! The room was really stuffy and for the first time ever we got into bed, said goodnight, rolled over and went to sleep! And as unusual as that was, I actually felt pleased that I stuck to my side of the bed. Wonders will never cease!

It took ages for us to scrape the ice off my car this morning before driving to Gatwick, which, had we gone from home, would’ve been a nightmare in rush hour traffic.

While Ben was in his interview, I sat in the hotel lobby, watching the slew of candidates coming and going. I breathed a sigh of relief knowing I’ve done all that and already have over a year’s worth of experience as long haul crew.

I have no doubt Ben will get offered a position with Virgin and when he does, it’ll change the direction of his life, in the same way working for British Airways has completely changed mine.

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