April 11th, 1990

April 11th, 1990

At home

Just got home from spending the entire day with Ben, who rang first thing this morning.

“Hey you.”

“Morning,” I yawned. “You’re up early.”

“Sorry, did I wake you up?”

“Yeah but that’s ok. What’re you up to?”

“Just seeing what you’re doing today?”

“I’d planned on looking at some houses but that can wait.”

“Come and pick me up?”

“Ok, but first I need some tea and toast.”


When Ben got into my car my heart did that little flutter thing and when he leaned over and kissed my cheek, I felt tingly all over.

“You’re looking very lovely and Spring like,” he said in a cheerful tone.

“Thanks,” I replied, smoothing down my top. “I just bought this in the States.”

“Suits you.”

“Merci,” I said, pulling away in first gear. “Where should we go?”

“Willen Lake?”

“Ooh, perfect on such a nice day.”

“We can have a picnic.”

“Great idea,” I said, rounding the corner.

“A boozy picnic.”

I laughed. “Even better.”


After gorging on bread, cheese, grapes and apricots (so juicy at the moment!) we wandered around the lake, full of wine, laughing about all sorts of silly things before Ben changed the tone of our conversation.

“How’s lover boy?”

“His name is David,” I stated.

“And how is David?”

“Well, when I saw him in New York he was fantastic, so I imagine he’s still the same.”

“Arghhhhhh,” he shrieked, shaking his head.
“Really? Is that your response?”

“Sorry, you just seem really into him.”
“I am.”

“And yet here we are.”

I sighed. “Yes, here we are.”

Ben stopped walking, brushed his fingers over my shoulder then squeezed it. “Do you think things will ever change between us?”

I turned to face him. “I don’t know if the feelings will ever change but the circumstances will.”

“What do you mean?” he asked.
“At some point, I expect we’ll get married.”

“To each other?”

“No,” I said quietly.

“Makes me sad too,” he said, wiping away my tear. “Sometimes I don’t know how we got to this, you know?”

I nodded yes and kissed his salty finger.


We walked without talking for a few minutes ‘til Ben broke the silence.

“I have something to tell you.”


“You have to guess what it is.”

“I’m not in the mood for guessing,” I said. “Just tell me.”

“I heard back from Virgin Atlantic.”

I stopped in my tracks. “And?”

“I got the job!”


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