April 13th, 1990

April 13th, 1990

Night flight from LHR – JNB

Presently winging our way to South Africa on this jam-packed night flight.

Mum left for Scotland this morning. I dropped her off at the train station and she said she was sad knowing Nana wouldn’t be there to meet her at the other end. This is mum’s first time back in Scotland since her mum passed away last November and I really hope her family will (for once) treat her kindly and not upset her.

Ben rang to wish me a good trip and we stayed on the phone for ages, laughing about all sorts of nonsense. He didn’t mention Mandy and I didn’t ask.
Got to TriStar House an hour before check in and used the time to reply to the various cards and notes in my mail slot. Frankie left a funny card with a bunch of pictures from our Christmas trip, gee Frankie, it’s April! Bermuda postcard from Graeme; “Remember me? Ring me!” Letter from Annabel scribbled on stationery from The Savoy; “Miss McGarr! The London season is upon us. Do let’s go and do something fun!”

We’re all like ships in the night.

Four and half hours to go!


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