April 14th, 1990

April 14th, 1990

Hotel Intercontinental, Nairobi, Kenya

The lengthy delay to last night’s departure just about put us out of hours so we were rerouted to Nairobi!

Arrived at lunchtime and a few of the girls were going to the pool but not yours truly! I’ve been eating far too much to be baring my flesh in a swimsuit. Ugh! I could go on but what’s the point.

Instead, I crawled into bed and passed out for several hours before the alarm woke me up. I was sorely tempted to roll over and go back to sleep but I knew that would only mean waking up in the wee hours, wide awake, with nothing to do.

Met not only my crew but also a couple of others, all British Airways. Ate Italian food (!) and had a good laugh and lots of yummy drinks. One of the girls on my crew, Samantha, showed us pictures of her new flat. And her cat. And her new boyfriend. It took all I had not to react when I saw her boyfriend is none other than Graeme, the guy who just left me a postcard from Bermuda, the place where I experienced my first “trip fling.” With Graeme!

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