April 17th, 1990

April 17th, 1990

Flight from NBO – LHR

At home

Call time was 3.20am, which is just ridiculous considering I’d only managed about an hour or so of sleep. I hate getting dressed at that hour, it’s one of the reasons I keep my hair short, it would be a nightmare otherwise.

Flight time from NBO to LHR was only eight and a half hours but because I was so tired, it felt much longer. Super busy flight with zero time for crew rest. Half the economy cabin was filled with boarding school kids who were very snooty and extremely demanding. You know you’re at a posh school when your school trip entails going on an African safari!

At Heathrow, we had to wait almost an hour for crew transport to take us back to TriStar House, by which time I felt dead on my feet and could only dream about crawling into bed.

Ben rang shortly after I got home and sounded exhausted from what he called, “A harrowing couple of days with Mandy.” He asked if I met anyone on my trip to which I replied, “Hundreds of people.” He wanted me to meet him but I told him I was off to pick mum up at the train station.

Mum was all smiles coming off the train, which I took as a good sign. I was surprised to see my young cousin, Alistair, in tow. In the two hours he’s been here, he hasn’t stopped asking for stuff. I daren’t ask how long he’s staying!


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