April 20th, 1990

April 20th, 1990

At the Adler Haus, Dusseldorf, Germany

First time in Germany!

Saw dad before he left for work this morning (I don’t think anybody should have to work on their birthday!) and he said he liked the birthday card and presents. He and mum were looking forward to going to H&M’s for a celebratory dinner tonight and mum said if she remembers, she’ll save me some birthday cake.

I picked Ben up and off we went on our merry way, to Gatwick, for Ben’s medical with Virgin Atlantic. He was a bit nervous because they previously mentioned his weight but I told him they say that to everyone just to make them feel bad! I had to shoot off to meet Stephen so I’ve yet to find out how Ben got on, hopefully it went well.

Lovely to see Stephen’s smiling face again and we immediately took up where we left off, which was basically catching up on airline gossip! I knew most of the crew on the Air Europe flight and needless to say, we were very well taken care of on the short flight.

Stephen’s friend, Macon, met us at Dusseldorf airport, along with his girlfriend, Mathilda, who seems a bit drippy. Macon is absolutely lovely and his English is flawless. His Father speaks a little English but not his Mother, however, she still managed to “ask,” me a ton of questions!

Shortly after we arrived, Herr Adler’s hand brushed my bottom when he walked past me in the kitchen.  My first reaction was to turn around and smack him but instead I ignored it and gave him the benefit of the doubt. I did, however, tell Stephen and he said if anything of that nature happens again, he’ll “Take care of it!”

Herr and Frau Adler are under the impression I’m Stephen’s girlfriend and have put us in the guest room but Herr Adler made a point of telling us; “You are not married and therefore must sleep in separate beds, ja?”

“Ja, oh ja,” Stephen and I echoed, nodding our heads enthusiastically.

It’s only ten pm but according to Herr Adler we have, “A very early start tomorrow,” so he insisted on everyone “Going to the beds.”

Stephen and I are in shock, not only because we’re going to bed so early on our first night here but that we’re going to bed stone cold sober!

“We can’t carry on like this, darling,” he stated, after Herr Adler closed the door and switched off the light!

Stephen is being very naughty, bouncing up and down on his bed, making it squeak so it sounds like we’re having sex.

“Stop that,” I whispered, trying to stifle my laughter.

“Make some moaning sounds,” he urged.

“No way.”

“Go on, it’ll be a laugh.”

I have to stop writing; it’s time for some fake sex with my pretend boyfriend!


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