April 24th, 1990

April 24th, 1990

At home

Second day in a row, where I had to be up at five in order to get to Heathrow in time for SEP, which today, covered my two least favourite things; Aviation Medicine, in particular the section on childbirth. And swimming drills!

Thanks to mum and the horror story of my descent into the world, I only have to hear the word “womb,” before I start feeling queasy and dizzy. With this in mind, I wore the biggest uniform blouse I have so I could “fan myself” when the instructor started talking about what to do in the event of someone going into labour midflight.

I was doing quite well, distracting myself by looking out the window, trying not to listen but I made the grave mistake of looking at the instructor just as she uttered, “Followed by the placenta.” I felt my head spin and I knew if I didn’t put my head between my knees, I’d keel over. There was no way to do it without being noticed (obviously!) so I just bent over and took several deep breaths.

“Are you alright, Karen?” Alice, the girl sitting next to me asked, placing her hand on my shoulder.

I sat up to see the entire room staring in my direction.

“Sorry,” I stuttered. “I just felt really hot for a minute but I’m ok now.”

“Are you sure?” the instructor asked, coming towards me.

“Yeah, I’m fine, sorry about that.”

“Ok everyone,” the instructor said. “Let’s take a ten-minute break.”

“Are you sure you’re ok?” she asked. “Some water, perhaps?”

“I’ll get some, thank you.  We’re all done with childbirth, right?”

“Yes,” she smiled. “Next up is heart attacks and epileptic fits.”

Ah, anything but childbirth!

The afternoon was spent in the pool, manipulating life rafts and such, all of which I rather enjoyed once I was finally in the water, after what felt like absolute terror, heading into the pool, surrounded by what I call, “The Glamour Girls,” who each weighed at least three stone less than I do!

Horrendous drive home in ridiculous traffic. I don’t know how people do that day in and day out for years on end. I’d be so miserable if I had to commute every day.

Went to Café Moonshine with Ben tonight and while we were eating, I took a good look at him from across the table. I think he looks pretty shitty at the moment, like he needs a good holiday or a diet of only fruit and vegetables for at least a month (meow!)

Then again, perhaps he always looks that way and I just haven’t noticed before. Or maybe all the chlorine I swallowed today, trying to “save the passengers” has improved my eyesight!


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