April 25th, 1990

April 25th, 1990

Flight from LHR – KIN

Kingston, Jamaica

First time in Jamaica and the hotel is right on the beach. I have the balcony doors open and the sultry air and light breeze makes it feel like I’m on holiday and not a work trip!

Fun flight here, just over ten hours, during which time I literally didn’t stop but the passengers were a lot of fun so the time flew by (ha!) My only complaint is my aching feet but what can I expect, after walking 4,665 miles!

The majority of the crew are young and female so it’ll be interesting to see what drama unfolds when the girls get bored and restless lounging by the pool, which I predict will take less than a day! I have no intention of being part of any of it and intend to keep a low profile on this trip.

Worked down the back with a lovely girl called Julia, who just got engaged to a French guy, who from her pictures, looks really handsome and a good ten years older, if not more, than Julia, who’s about my age. She’s moving to Paris next month so I told her about Jean Jacques.

“Where does he live?”


“Oooh, that’s where we want to live but can’t afford to yet.”

“I love it there, Jean Jacques bought his flat about fifteen years ago.”

“Oh,” she grinned. “You like older men too I see.”

“Ehm, we’re more like friends actually, he’s very cool.”

“And will you be going back to Paris to see your friend?”

“At some point I imagine, yes.”

“Then we must meet up.”

Oui, we must but for now I’m going to enjoy Jamaica!


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