April 28th, 1990

April 28th, 1990

Night flight from KIN – LHR

What an eventful flight this is turning out to be, with one male passenger currently restrained!

I was in the galley when the curtain slid open and a passenger I’d spoken to during boarding, appeared.

“Sorry to disturb you,” she said in a whisper, “But I think there’s something going on back there.”

“Where?” I asked.

“In one of the toilets at the back,” she said, gesturing to the rear of the aircraft.  “I’ve been waiting outside for ages.”

“Did you see anyone go in?”


“Ok, thank you for letting me know. I’ll go and take a look.”

I made my way to the rear of the aircraft, hoping I wasn’t about to disturb some romantic (have you seen how much space is in there? Not to mention the germs, ugh!) liaison between passengers hoping to become members of the Mile High Club.

Halfway down the aisle, I stopped in my tracks, when I saw a man, about thirty or so, crouched low to the ground, hopping towards me, making a sound I can only describe as a frog, croaking.

Fortunately, Alison, our purser, was on the other side of the cabin so I dinged the closest call bell several times and gestured, “Help! Now!”

A split second later, two male passengers shot out of their seats. One stood in front of the man and with the other behind him, they practically held him in place.

The man continued to croak and Alison instructed me to inform the CSD of “The issue at hand.” I couldn’t believe how calm she was, considering the man was now not only croaking loudly but speaking incoherently.

Someone else got to the CSD before me and he, along with the Captain came tearing into the economy cabin. Passengers get really nervous when they see the Captain in the cabin, you can almost hear the unspoken hush of, “Who’s up there flying the plane!”

It seems the man smuggled drugs onboard and had been partaking of such in the toilet, hence the hallucinations but more troubling was that they found him in possession of a knife which, needless to say, was promptly removed, “from his person.” If there’s an award for “Cabin Crew Staying Calm Under Pressure,” it will surely go to Alison!

Frog man is in cuffs and when we land at Heathrow, he’ll be met by the police.


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