April 29th, 1990

April 29th, 1990

At home

Just got off the phone with Carl, who laughed hysterically when I told him the story of, “Frog Man.”

“That could only happen to you.”

I laughed. “It was mental, I need a rest just from the flight!”

“What’re you doing tomorrow?”

“Eh, I don’t have any plans.”

“Fancy coming to Holland with me?”


“Yeah, you know, the land of clogs and tulips and people on bikes.”

“Very funny. What’s in Holland?”

“Our mate, Lorna. Remember her? Scottish girl we met on our training course? All loved up with a KLM pilot, ring any bells?”

“Stop it! Does she know you’re going?”
“Course she does, she said to invite you if you were about. Daniel’s already there.”

“Oh, that could be dangerous with you two but hey why not!”

“Brilliant, meet me tomorrow morning in terminal four, around seven.”


Guess I had better unpack. And pack for Holland!


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