April 30th, 1990

April 30th, 1990

Flight from Heathrow to Amsterdam, as a passenger

Bergen, Holland

First time in Holland and it’s quite lovely.

Met Carl first thing, slightly bleary eyed from such an early start but with only an hour-long flight, we were raring to go when we touched down at Schipol, where Lorna, Mr. KLM and Daniel were waiting for us.

“Hiya honey,” Lorna said, wrapping me in a big hug.

“Thanks for the invite, so happy to be here.”

“I’m glad you made it, I wisnae sure if you’d be otherwise engaged with Ben,” she said, sticking her fingers in her mouth at the mention of Ben.
“Don’t worry, I’m keeping my distance from him.”

“Yeah, we’ll see how long that lasts,” Carl quipped.

Jumped on the train into the city, which was teeming with people. The weather was perfect for moseying around, avoiding people on bikes! It was a bit early to go for a drink so we boarded one of the glass ceilinged boats and cruised through the canal.

In the late afternoon, the five of us piled into Mr. KLM’s tiny car and an hour later we arrived at Mr. KLM’s bachelor pad of many years. Lorna made a pitcher of Margarita’s and I made sure to sip mine as we watched the sun go down. My track record with Tequila isn’t exactly stellar!

Lorna said she and Mr. KLM usually go into town on their bikes but there weren’t enough for each of us so we walked. Delicious dinner in their favourite Italian restaurant, where I thoroughly enjoyed catching up.

The lovers headed home, leaving me and the boys to our own devices. There was much bar hopping before we finished the evening in a very cool club, surrounded by lots of hunky, tall blondes!

What can I say? It wasn’t too shabby!


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