May 1st, 1990

May 1st, 1990

At Lorna and Mr. KLM’s

Bergen, Holland

Thumping, pounding headache this morning and the same for Carl and Daniel but not the lovers, who had the good sense to call it a night long before we did.

Mr. KLM showed us his culinary skills with an amazing brunch that we pretty much devoured every morsel of, out on the terrace. Lorna has certainly landed on her feet with such a great guy who clearly adores her. They make a good pair and hopefully the flying lifestyle (two countries, two airlines!) won’t hinder their relationship.

We hired bikes and went for a lovely ride through the forest, which was really peaceful until a naked man appeared out of nowhere and gave me such a fright he almost knocked me flying!

“Wit the hell!” Lorna screeched, more than once, laughing so hard she actually fell off her bike.

“That man was stark naked!”

“Aye, he certainly was that,” she laughed. “If we peddle fast enough, we can probably catch up to him,” she said with a wink.

Carl had to leave tonight because he has a trip first thing tomorrow. I forgot to ask where he’s going! I initially thought about going back with him but I’m enjoying myself far too much to leave until absolutely necessary.

We had dinner on the terrace (Mr. KLM is pulling out all the stops for his beloved’s chums!) then made a mad dash to the beach to watch the sun set. We drank hot chocolate from a little café on the beach and marveled at how fortunate we are to have met during our British Airways training course.

I’m so happy I came, it’s been such a lovely time and so nice seeing Lorna so happy in what will at some point become her full-time surroundings. It’s amazing to think that if she hadn’t joined BA, she’d never have met Mr. KLM. When I mentioned that to her tonight she made a point of saying the same about me meeting David (who I’ll be seeing in a couple of days!)



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