May 2nd, 1990

May 2nd, 1990

Flight from Amsterdam – Heathrow, as a passenger

At home

Lorna and Mr. KLM were kind enough to drop Daniel and I off at the airport, where fortunately we had no problem getting on a flight home. Daniel was great fun to spend time with, he’s so easy going, very much like Carl in that regard, both really good guys.

Easy drive home but unfortunately, I missed my hair appointment and rang Tracy to apologize.

“I was about to ring and make sure you were ok,” she said. “It’s not like you to miss an appointment.”

“I’m so sorry, I just came home from Amsterdam and it completely slipped my mind.”

“That’s alright darlin, I can squeeze you in tomorrow.”

“Sorry Trace, tomorrow won’t work.”

“Don’t tell me you’re jetting off again.”

“I am actually.”

“Where to this time?”

“Los Angeles,” I said, barely able to contain my smile.

“Cor, that’ll be something, Hollywood and all that. Brilliant!”

“It’s my first time, I can’t wait!”

“Hold on, ain’t that where the bloke you met on the ‘plane, lives?”

“Uh-huh, David.” Just saying his name made my heart do the little flutter thing.

“Blimey, so you’re off to see him then?”

“I didn’t actually tell him I’m going.”

“Get you!”

I laughed. “I thought I’d surprise him.”

“Bloody hell Karen,” she chuckled. “That’ll be some surprise won’t it.”

I hope so!



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