May 14th, 1990

May 14th, 1990

At home

Just got home from seeing, “Pretty Woman,” with mum, some of which was filmed on Rodeo Drive, which reminded me not only of David but how much I loved LA.

“I wouldnae kick that Richard Gere out of bed,” mum said, on our way out of the cinema.


“Aye well you must admit, he’s awful handsome.”

“I suppose, for an older man, he is.”

“He’s no that auld, you know.”

“He’s certainly not in my age bracket!”

Mum made a little guttural sound.


“Och, nothing,” she smirked.

“No, not nothing, what?”

“He’s probably younger than that John John.”

“Who’s John John?”

“The wee French man.”

“Jean Jacques, mum, his name is Jean Jacques.”

“Aye well whatever his name is, Richard Gere is younger and better looking.”


He is, actually.


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