May 16th, 1990

May 16th, 1990

Flight from LHR – MIA

Hotel InterContinental, Miami, Florida

Great flight today with Bob Geldof onboard, who sounded much more Irish than he does on tv and had us in stitches in the galley. He’s no stranger to the F word, that’s for sure! His hair is wild and he has a tendency to toss it about quite a bit, so much so in fact that he almost knocked himself out when he lost his footing (mid toss!) and whacked his head on one of the metal storage containers!

When I got to my room (gorgeous hotel, right on Biscayne Bay) the message light was flashing, with a message from David saying he’d ring me at eight his time (eleven pm here.)

Because I knew I’d be talking to him, I drank only soft drinks at dinner with the crew and couldn’t wait to get back to my room. I got into bed and David rang right on the dot (he always does.)

“Are you serious?” he said, when I told him about our celebrity passenger.

“Yeah, he was really cool. Did you like the Boomtown Rats?”

“Sure, sure I did, awesome band.”

“What’s your favourite song of theirs?”
I was so hoping he wouldn’t say, “I don’t like Mondays.”

“Rat Trap,” he responded, not missing a beat.

“Oh wow, me too,” I gushed.

“You were like what, five when that came out.”
I laughed. “Not quite. I’m only a few years younger than you, you know.”

“But so much wiser,” he laughed.

“Yup,” I giggled. “You got that right.”

I don’t know what else we talked about but whatever it was I thoroughly enjoyed it and even though we’re thousands of miles apart, it’s nice to know we’re going to bed in the same country.


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