May 21st, 1990

May 21st, 1990

At home

Just finished packing and my suitcase is so stuffed, mum had to sit on it while I attempted to shut it!

Spoke briefly to Harvey this morning and the owners of the flat have yet to make a decision, so unless they do so between now (half past eleven) and when I leave at seven in the morning, then I guess it’s not to be. I tried to ask Harvey what the issue is but as soon as I did, he said he had a phone call waiting and more or less hung up. I was tempted to ring him back but instead I just got mad and decided it’s not up to me to chase him down for information.

Spent a few hours with Florence tonight celebrating the end of her Nursing finals, which I know she worked really hard for. I told her I’m proud of her for sticking it out and persevering, when it would’ve been so easy for her just to pack it in and do something else. Her brother, John stopped in before heading to London, what a great character he is, he left us in absolute stitches and without a doubt has the driest sense of humour of anyone I’ve ever met.

Just tried ringing David (again!) and left a rather curt message that I wish I could go back and change but, oh well!

I could really do without leaving on a fourteen day trip right now but Laney and I requested it months ago and she’d kill me if I didn’t make it.


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