May 28th, 1990

May 28th, 1990
Flight from ANU – UVF – ANU
Ramada Renaissance, Royal Antiguan Resort
Deep Bay, Antigua

Skipped the morning tea and toast routine because we had to take a taxi into town to retrieve Gurgle II. He’s not quite as sleek as his predecessor and his paint is peeling from too much sun but he still gets us around the island. Dolly said he “looked hurt,” because we left him alone, in town, overnight. I do worry about her, then again, I’m the one talking about a vehicle like he’s a person!

Spent the afternoon at Shirley Heights and danced away the remainder of my dastardly hangover. The music was fantastic, with steel drums and such a great atmosphere, high up on the hill, from which the view was endless.

This evening, we operated the shuttle to St. Lucia. The flight originated in LHR and was chock-a-block. The aptly named hat racks were stuffed to the gills, not only with ambitious Mother-of-the bride hat boxes but huge wedding dresses that took up every square inch. I was highly amused by the neurotic brides-to-be and their hawk like stares, aimed at anyone (including crew) who dared to open an overhead storage compartment within the vicinity of their precious, puffy, cargo.

There was no such issue on the return sector, which meant the cargo hold was full of meringue like frocks but that wasn’t the only difference. The lovey dovey couples on their way to St. Lucia (Millie claimed she was in great danger of throwing up!) possessed an entirely different look to the freshly hitched ones on the return sector, who Dolly said looked, “Royally shagged out.”

The crew teased us and asked where we’ve been hiding.
“We’ve been doing quite a bit of sightseeing,” Dolly chirped in a much too innocent tone that had Millie and I in stitches. I actually call Laney Millie now and she calls me Maddie!

It’s almost midnight but we just ordered tea and toast, cheesecake (no chocolate mousse on the room service menu!) and apple pie to enjoy here in my room, while we watch, “The Fly,” with Jeff Goldblum.

Looks like Millie, Maddie and Dolly are in for the night!

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