May 30th, 1990

May 30th, 1990

Ramada Renaissance, Royal Antiguan Resort

Deep Bay, Antigua

Just got back from Tropix and Millie is already asleep on the couch, with her shoes on!

We drank way too much rum punch and had to leave Ugly Gurgle (we no like him!)  in town again. My scribble is atrocious and I doubt I’ll be able to read this tomorrow but who cares about tomorrow!

Absolutely loving this trip, especially spending time with the girls and the various characters we’ve met, one of whom Dolly is presently out with on a date. I  don’t even know his name but he’s Italian, very slick and so not her type so it’ll be interesting to hear what happened.

At La Dolce Vita tonight, Millie and I fell in love with Nicolai, our French waiter, who flirted outrageously with us and whose make up got heavier with each course. He offered us several beauty tips and suggested we have a drink with him before heading to the club.

We were sitting at the bar, enjoying a liqueur when Nicolai appeared, in full drag.

“Wow,” Millie mouthed, looking utterly shocked.

“Vot do you think darlinks?” he asked, twirling.

“Amazing,” I said. “How did you get dressed so quickly?”

“Not my first time,” he said, with a wink of his heavenly eyelashes.

By the time Millie and I got to Tropix we were pretty tipsy and headed for the bar (bad idea) to join William and Scotty. Millie must’ve already been drunk because she didn’t cover her ears or shudder when Scotty yelled her name. I teased William about being stuck to the bar stool but he just smiled and said, “I don’t dance.”

By closing time, I knew there was no way we could drive home, so Scotty offered to bring us back (he has an early shift and didn’t drink.) Millie was hesitant and said we could take a taxi but I reminded her how expensive that is.

Scotty seemed pretty pleased with himself after he managed to persuade Millie to sit up front with him, which left me in the back with William. Off we sped into the balmy, night air and I don’t know if it was that, or maybe the amount of rum I consumed, but we kissed. A lot. And it was pretty fantastic.


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