June 1st, 1990

June 1st, 1990

Ramada Renaissance, Royal Antiguan Resort

Deep Bay, Antigua

The end of this amazing trip is upon us but I’m looking forward to going home to find out what’s going on with the flat, etc. I thought about phoning home a few days ago but to do so would be extortionate and I’ve already spent a small fortune on taxis and Ugly Gurgle.

Millie, Dolly and I had lunch at La Dolce Vita with Nicolai, who encouraged us to continue drinking, long after we’d consumed at least seventeen thousand calories, spread over three courses. We were obviously low on carbs and high on sugar.

Millie went on a date with Scotty, who gave her a rose when he came to pick her up. From her expression, I expected her to throw up but she managed to contain herself! If (and that’s a big if!) Scotty survives this night intact, he should get a medal or better still, a town named in his honour!

Dolly went out with Mr. Italy again and I still don’t know his name.

I went to the beach with William and his intensity is something I’ve never experienced before. We were the only two people on the beach and after we watched the sunset, we spent ages cavorting in the sea. Had I started off with William knowing my true identity, perhaps it’d be different but I think spilling the beans at this point would be futile, plus I have a feeling it’d upset him and I certainly don’t want to do that. Especially since I’ll be waking up with him in the morning.

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