June 2nd, 1990

June 2nd, 1990

Ramada Renaissance, Royal Antiguan Resort

Deep Bay, Antigua

When Millie and Dolly showed up at my door this morning, in search of the obligatory tea and toast, William made a hasty exit.

Clearly unable to quell her curiosity, Dolly asked, “So?”

“We read in bed,” I laughed. “Until about three this morning.”

“From the smile on your face,” she continued, “and the state of your hair, it appears you like reading.”

“Depends on the book,” I teased.

“I take it sweet William was a good read?”

“Very,” I giggled.

“Stop it, you two!” Millie shouted. “And stop calling him sweet, Dolly. He’s not sweet. He’s strange.”

“Dearest, darlin Millie,” I drawled, with a fake smile, “I believe you are in need of a shot of rum in your tea. Or perhaps somewhere else.”

Spent the afternoon at Buccaneer Cove where we said goodbye to all the lovely people we’ve come to know. From there, we went to Galley Bay and did the same (oh how I’ll miss that place!)

When we came back to the hotel, Millie looked surprised to find Scotty in the lobby.

“What’s he doing here?” she snarled, making her way over to him. A short while later there was what Dolly referred to as, “a very heated exchange,” after which Millie stormed off and Scotty left, looking disappointed.

“Oh dear,” Dolly said. “Shall we have a drink?”

The plan was to meet William and Scotty at Nelson’s Dockyard for dinner and I expected that to change but Millie didn’t say otherwise, so we carried on. Dolly came with us and said she was sad because Mr. Italy flew home today. All this time, I thought he was an island resident but I guess he lives in Milan!

Scotty was at the restaurant and Millie did a triple shudder when he called each of our names.

“Where’s William?” I asked.

“He’ll be here later. He has a thing about eating with people.”

“Maybe he’s shy,” Dolly suggested.

“Or weird,” Millie uttered, as I kicked her foot under the table.

William didn’t show up ‘til dinner was almost over, but he was in good form and we all laughed after he was recognized by a guy called Howie that he went to school with in Massachusetts. Howie and his new wife Cheryl were the epitome of the perfect honeymoon couple in what I think is an ideal honeymoon setting. Cheryl gave Scotty a run for his money in the decibel department though and when she told us where she’s from, Millie said, in not such a low voice; “Remind me never to go to Texas!”

Quick stop at Tropix for more farewells before we piled into Scotty’s jeep and shot out of town to a nearby beach. The paddle boats were too tempting to ignore so (fully clothed) we took them out and promptly fell in!

Given the number of “sips” of rum punch we girls imbibed here on the island, it’s astonishing that we’ve managed to remember each other’s false names and identities!

The five of us were still soaking wet when we came back to my room, covered in sand, doused in even more rum.

That all transpired about four hours ago, after which I read with William before zonking out for a few hours until this raging hangover forced me out of bed in search of something to numb the pain.


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