June 3rd, 1990

June 3rd, 1990

Night flight from ANU – LHR

I’m on crew rest and just re-read William’s little note that I found earlier, in my toiletry bag, while I was getting ready. He gave me his contact information and signed it with, “See you again,” which actually made me feel sad because the likelihood of that ever happening is slim to none.

Because of our “false identities,” I packed my uniform and all things related to British Airways in my suitcase, not that I suspected William would rummage through my stuff but we had so many parties in my room that anything was possible (onboard we get passengers in the galley who point to the oven and ask if it’s the toilet, so when I say anything is possible, I mean it!)

This morning, William skeedadled long before the girls showed up for tea and toast, over which we mumbled about the supposed best cures for a hangover, none of which, given the amount of rum in our bloodstream, stood a chance of working.

Before returning Ugly Gurgle, we met William and Scotty at Shirley Heights for one last time and I feel bad that William never got to know my real name. He made mention of the fact I was flying to London and not New York but the music was loud so I just kind of shook my head and didn’t say anything.

“I will see you again,” he whispered, kissing my cheek for the last time.

Farewell Antigua.


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