June 18th, 1990

June 18th, 1990

At home

I like that time in the day when all the stuff you wanted to do is done, leaving you with the remainder of the day to do what you want. That’s the point I was at earlier tonight, when Jon rang.


“Hello you, what are you up to?”

“You owe me a drink,” he teased.

“Yes, I do and I’ll be more than happy to buy you a pint or two but when?”
“You around now?”

“Yes, but where are you?”

“Out and about but I can be there in, say, ninety minutes.”

“You mean an hour and a half?”

“Minutes sound better.”

“They do actually So, where are you now?”

“Like I said, out and about. I’m ringing from the car.”

“Oh, you are such a poser!”

He didn’t respond so I continued. “Are you alright? You sound a little, I don’t know, different.”

“I can never get anything past you McGarr. Truth be told I just got stood up.”

“Oh no.”

“Yup, how embarrassing.”

“Aw, that’s horrible. I’m sorry to hear that. Come and get me and I’ll take you for a drink. I might even buy you dinner.”

“Ooooh, get you, minted McGarr.”

“Not quite but we need to celebrate.”

“What, me being stood up?”

I laughed. “No, of course not. I just bought a house!”

“You did not!”

“I did! I made an offer yesterday and it got accepted, I’m so happy.”

“That’s fantastic, well done McGarr. You can tell me all about it in ninety minutes…”

“Or when I see you in an hour and a half!”


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