June 28th, 1990

June 28th, 1990

At home

I’m so looking forward to moving into my house where I’ll be able to, for example, stay on the phone with David for as long as I want with the freedom to say whatever we want, without mum lurking about!

“Shouldn’t you be at work?”

“Not today,” he said. “My flight got in just before midnight.”

“Oh wow, that’s late. By the way, before I forget, Crystal had no clue when you were due back.”

“Crystal is no longer with the company.”

“Aw, how sad. Not!”

He laughed. “She lasted two days longer than most of the others.”

“That doesn’t say much for them. You need to hire some middle-aged fuddy-duddy who can actually talk to your clients without chewing gum and using the word like every few seconds.”

“Great advice,” he said, no doubt smiling.

“Then again, such an animal may not exist in your neck of the woods.”

“I think you’d be surprised.”

“Well from what I’ve seen, everybody is young and beautiful in LA.”

“Thanks honey,” he chuckled.

“Oh aren’t you funny. Anyway, where were you?”


“Ugh, such a long flight.”

“It wasn’t so bad.”

“I thought you weren’t going away until the end of July?”

“That was the plan but we had a crisis in Delhi and I’m the only unmarried with no kids guy in our department.”

“So they sent you!”

“Yup but my boss felt so bad that he authorized a First class ticket, which cost more than I make in a month.”

“Mental prices. Did you fly First both ways?”

“I certainly did!”

“Jammy bugger.”

I loved the way he couldn’t speak for laughing, which in turn gave me the giggles.

“Yup, that’s me,” he said, still laughing. “Young, beautiful and jammy.”

Most definitely.


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