July 1st, 1990

July 1st, 1990

Flight from LGW – CAI

Cairo, Egypt

Millie lives a stone’s throw away from Gatwick, so she popped over to the hotel this morning to

continute our “Started in Antigua,” tradition of tea and toast from room service. She brought a bunch of photo’s she just had developed from that trip and we chuckled about our antics and false identities. Unfortunately, I got called out before we had the chance to order and with only fifty minutes’ notice, there was no time to waste.

I boarded with the last of the passengers (just like the Antigua trip!) and was surprised to find I’d be working the “A” position. That position on the TriStar is typically snapped up by one of the more senior crew, affectionately known as “The A Bird!”

I was nervous making the first announcement but after that I really got into it and ignored the fact my voice was being heard at the opposite end of the aircraft! Unfortunately, when we landed I welcomed the passengers to “Los Angeles,” which, needless to say, got a raucous response and left me with a very red face! No prizes for guessing where my mind is!

Met up with a few of the crew who couldn’t resist making comments about being in LA; “You know, the one in Egypt!” but it was all in good fun. Spent a few hours in the hotel disco (so tacky) where I met Lorna, who sadly leaves first thing in the morning but she made me promise to go visit her again in Holland for, “Another wee catch up.”


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