July 6th, 1990

July 6th, 1990

Flight from LHR – MAN as a passenger

Ramada Hotel, Manchester

And now Manchester!

For some reason (why do I keep hearing “wine!”) I was shocked when crewing rang two minutes into standby. Between the pounding headache and pouring rain I desperately wanted to go back to bed, but alas, it was not to be.

Fortunately, the lovely lady on the other end of the phone gave me plenty of notice so I didn’t have to dash out the door. Mum made a yummy breakfast for everyone and it was nice to see how happy she was, making a fuss over the little ones and laughing with her sister.

With no roster, I have no idea who I’m flying with tomorrow. All I know is the crew I’m meeting are in the middle of a back-to-back so I only have to do the night stop. The other odd thing is that the crew are at a hotel in Chester, so I’m the only one here. On the flip side, this trip doesn’t interfere with me going to Los Angeles.

One week from today!


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