July 7th, 1990

July 7th, 1990

Flight from MAN – JFK

Lexington Hotel, New York

Felt a little nervous in the taxi on my way to Manchester airport to meet my crew this morning. However, my fears were unwarranted because they’re a friendly, welcoming bunch, in the way I find TriStar crews to be. Much more so, in my opinion, than Jumbo crew.

Worked the “A” position, which due to the serious delay was hectic with so many more announcements to make. One young, “Deathly Afraid of Flying,” man had to be coaxed onboard and the second his feet left the comfort of the jetty, he started shaking and I thought he was about to cry. The CSD and the gate agent accompanied him to his seat and concluded that he could remain onboard. I didn’t see him during the flight but after we landed, he made a point to thank each and every crew member. He still looked peaky and I don’t think he was joking when he said he’ll be sailing home! It must be awful to be so afraid, regardless of what it is you’re afraid of.

As soon as I got to my room, I rang David and was happy when he picked up on the first ring!

“This is a surprise. Where are you?”

“The big apple, I got called out on standby.”


“I can’t talk for too long, I’m going out with my crew.”

Had I said something like that to Ben, he’d have gone into a mood and the conversation would’ve taken a turn for the worse, but not David.

“Have one for me,” he laughed.

“Only one?”

“You decide.”

The economy purser, Fatima Hardwater, is not only the funniest person I’ve ever met but, by far, the biggest lady on the fleet, which, judging by the ample helpings of potato skins and entire pizza she consumed, is not a concern. Oh, to be so free!

We ended up in a dodgy bar called Stingers where a bachelor party, complete with stripper, was in full swing. Needless to say, she didn’t strip all the way but her role for the evening was quite clear. Fatima spread her girth across two barstools, gulped down half a pint of Guinness and nodded at me.

“Park it baby,” she winked. “It’s time to watch and learn.”

On our way back to the hotel, Fatima insisted we stop at the deli (love her!) and now I’m sorely tempted to ring David but first I need to tuck into this delectable looking turkey and avocado sandwich.


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