July 14th, 1990

July 14th, 1990

At David’s, Manhattan Beach, California

This morning over tea (coffee for David) and toast we looked through tons of pictures from David’s past and each time I asked to see more, he laughed.

“You can ask my mom to show you more tomorrow.”

I gave him a questioning look. “What? Tomorrow? What’re you talking about?”

“I thought you could come to San Diego with me.”

“I fly home tomorrow.”

“This is your last night here?”

“Yeah, did you think I was staying longer?”

“Yeah, I, I…,” he said, scratching his head.

“What’s happening in San Diego?”

“It’s my mom’s birthday, we’re having a huge family party. I already told my folks I was bringing you.”

“Oh,” I uttered, stuck on the fact that not only had he told his parents about me but was willing to introduce me.

“There’s no way you can come?”

“How far is San Diego?” I asked, trying to think of ways I could pull a sickie and remain in la la land. Forever.

“It’s like a three-hour drive, maybe less with weekend traffic.”

“Shit! I’m sorry, there’s no way, pick up time is around four.”

“Ah, man,” he sighed. “This totally sucks. My mom will be really disappointed.”

Yeah, I thought, me too.

I wasn’t planning on writing tonight but David insisted, so much so in fact that he lit a huge candle and put it next to me. More than once, he said; “I get a real kick outta watching you write.” And who am I to deny him of such!

Anyway, back to today! After we watched the sun come up, we stumbled back to bed, where I was left feeling ecstatic, none of which needs to be written about because the memories are already firmly imprinted.

Breakfast consisted of blueberry pancakes, slathered in syrup, with a view of the surfers taking full advantage of the waves (ah, surfers and pancakes, guess I’m staying!) I asked David if he’d mind driving me to the hotel so I could change. All the way there I was hoping we wouldn’t bump into Ben.

Fortunately, Ben was nowhere to be seen but the second Michelle spotted us (David!) she practically ran over to us (him!)

“Oh, hello David,” she purred. “You look rather fetching. I love your shorts. Very LA.”

Honestly Michelle, I’m right here!

I just read that out to David and he’s cracking up laughing.

Well, well, well, that was quite the, “Kissing Break,” prompted by David, who suggested we kiss each time I wrote another line! Ok, where was I? Oh yeah, we took a drive along the stunning coastline to Santa Barbara, where we found a great Mexican restaurant and drank Margarita’s next to a lovely fountain.

Next stop was in Isla Vista which has a really interesting history but there’s no need to delve into any of it because David just came back up to the roof, carrying a bowl of ice cream, covered in the mint liquor I’m rather partial to.
Love from and on the rooftop terrace.


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