July 19th, 1990

July 19th, 1990

At Millie’s, Surrey

No drinking tonight as Millie and I are flying tomorrow. It’s been so nice spending time with her, having a good old chin wag, which is so much better than talking on the phone, especially when one of you (not I!) laughs so hard they double over and end up falling off the chair!

Millie’s house is so, “her,” with all of her artwork and comfy couches and cool stuff she’s picked up on trips. Makes me long to have my own place where I can create lovely, welcoming spaces.

“So, are you really serious about this whole, ‘I might move to LA,’ thing?”


“What prompted it?”

“Ehm, well…”

“You had better not say Ben.”

“Why would I?”

“Because it’s obvious he still has you firmly in his clutches.”

“No he doesn’t!”

“Did you see him again after you dropped him off at his parent’s house?”

“Maybe,” I said, feeling my cheeks redden.

“I knew it!”

“It’s hard not to see him when he’s so close by, which, thankfully is no longer the norm.”

“Arghhhh, you’re supposed to be in love with David!”

“I am but…”

“There’s no but. You either are or..”

“I am, I think I am.”

“Until Ben shows up.”

“I only saw him once.”

“Once it all it takes with him. Argh, I could throttle you!”

“Please don’t,” I said, as demurely as I could. “I’m rather enjoying my tea.”

“Oh, Madison,” she smiled. “What will become of you?”


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