July 21st, 1990

July 21st, 1990

Hotel InterContinental

Nairobi, Kenya

Met several crew from Koninklijke Luchtvaart Maatschappij, the airline more commonly known as KLM Royal Dutch Airlines! I only know the legal name because Lorna tried to get me to pronounce one night after we’d had several cocktails.

It was like a leggy blonde convention by the pool today with all the KLM girls. Thankfully, it was a little chilly so I had the perfect excuse to remain covered up!

I find it interesting that the flight from London to Holland is less than an hour, where there’s such a language barrier, so much so that much of the conversation relies on body language. Then there’s America, thousands of miles away, where I feel right at home (especially in LA!) and generally don’t have any problems communicating.

Being with the KLM girls made me think of Lorna and how amazing it is that she’s more or less living in Holland full-time, learning what appears to be a difficult language, all whilst still flying for British Airways.

Gives me hope that I might be able to pull off the Los Angeles move after all. I bought a chess set made of soapstone in the market today, now all I need is a place to put it!


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