July 24th, 1990

July 24th, 1990
Flight from JNB – HAR as a passenger

First time in Zimbabwe.

There was some talk on the crew bus of taking a tour so I hope it happens. Seems a shame to be on a different continent and not see anything.

Millie left with her crew to fly to Nairobi but we managed to spend the morning in her room, which was much nicer than mine, with floor to ceiling windows that allowed the sunlight to pour over us while we lay on the floor, taking turns impersonating the cast of characters we met on the Antigua trip.

“Cover your ears for this one.”
“Hi, I’m Scott, from Texas!” Millie yelled.
“Actually, I was going to imitate Suzi.”
“Who’s Suzi?”
“The girl who was on her honeymoon, you know, the one we met in the restaurant after her husband recognized William.”
“Her name was Shelby.”
“Are you sure?”
“Yeah, the girl from Long Island.”
“No, no, no she was from Texas.”
“No! Scott, aka megaphone, is from Texas.”
“I know that but I thought…”
“Shelby is from Long Island. Couldn’t you tell by her accent?”

Guess I had a little too much rum punch that night!

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