July 25th, 1990

July 25th, 1990
Hotel Sheraton Harare, Zimbabwe

Met Danielle and Emily at nine this morning (regardless of where in the world we are, crew always meet at nine in the lobby.) First time here for the three of us so we asked the guy at the front desk for some suggestions on things to do.

It didn’t take long for him to sell us on a trip to Lake Chivero. He even found us a driver called Milton, from whom we learned on the hour-long drive, that Lake Chivero is a reservoir on the Manyame River. It took two and a half years to construct and blah, blah, blah.

Milton hung back a bit while we walked around the lake and even though we’re on a different continent, the conversation still revolved around the opposite sex!

Danielle got married last year and said it’s the best thing ever. Emily said she wants to fly until she’s about thirty, after which she’ll do, “All the hubby and kid stuff.” I told them about David and it felt lovely being able to talk about him from I don’t even know how many miles away.

The drive back to the hotel was as much an experience as the one there and the more I see on my travels, the more I appreciate where I live and what I have.

The three of us continued our conversation tonight in Wombles restaurant, where not even a sip of wine passed our lips. Detox! Finally! Clearly, I should have come to Zimbabwe a long time ago.

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